"LiveAuction" Auction

As an auctioneer you can comfortably lean back and observe your fully automated auction.


Your clients can participate in your virtual auction worldwide in a plain way of doing by the use of an updated web browser via smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.

During the auction the AUEX “LiveBidding” system assumes the complete management of the acceptances, reminds you of upcoming telephonic bids, shows you the credit limits of your online bidders, takes care of a clear depiction of the current status/state of the auction (depiction of the lots, state of the bids etc.) in the look and feel of your auction house and on the internet.  Moreover the system intuitively guides your registered bidders from all over the world through the auction (incl. Sound and potentially video transfer) without any noticeable time-wise delay.

Before the auction the AUEX system manages all the online prebids and provides an easily operating clients' administration of the credit limits or your address but also concerning the activation and blocking of clients.

After the auction the AUEX system fast and efficiently arranges invoicing and the beginning of the post-auction sale.

In a word: Our AUEX system helps you to structure your auctions in a more efficient and client-friendly way.

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