• LiveBidding

    Let your clients take part in the auction in a convenient way
    from all over the world via smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer in real time.
    It is only necessary to have an updated web browser to bid live in the auction room.

    Please invite your clients on that.

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  • LiveAuction

    As an auctioneer you can comfortably lean back and observe
    your fully automated auction. Your clients can participate in your virtual auction worldwide
    in a plain way of doing by the use of an updated web browser
    via smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.

    You and your clients should take advantage of this freedom!

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Compatible for all Mobile Devices

With the aid of our modern responsive design and the consistent technical realization the contents of the website dynamically adapt to the screen size of the terminal devices (smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC).

Streaming Audio from the Auction Room

Apart from the transfer of the necessary information concerning the auction in real time, the auctioneer's voice is parallel online broadcasted without loss of time.

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